Apr 27, 2018

Tattoo X210 Quadcopter frame

Designed a new frame to build a quadcopter with latest electronic available and my good old ZMR 250 arms.

Result is a very lightweight, strong and compact racer.
all electronic parts are protected with tropicalisation silicon. All this should go in water without any damage.... will post a video about this.

camera can rotate from 0 to 45 degrees

U can download stl files here : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2882426

electronic parts used are :

- Racerstar tattoo F4 AIO flight controller
- Runcam micro
- eachine VTX03
- eachine xsr rx
- 4 Emax 1806 motors (less powerfull than 2205.... but very lightweight...)

Sep 21, 2017

Pepperfish frame designed with graphscad

For those interested in ultralight FPV drones , i designed a frame for pepperfish electronic design.

this frame and graphscad files are available here


Jun 6, 2017

version 1.0.10 is on the way with interesting new features.

- New declaremodule node will allow module declaration and will work with callmodule.
This declare module node will provide a more cleaner way to create and use module and parameters.
Old default behaviour will keep working.

- polygon smoothing

Mar 31, 2017

Version 1.0.9 is on the way

This version provide new interesting features.

There are 2 new nodes

- ifdebug mode : conditionnal node based on global variable driven with a checkbox. This allow you to process or not process some nodes for openscad refresh. I used it to display propellers and motors when creating a drone frame

- ifassembled mode : conditionnal node based on global variable driven with a checkbox. This allow you to process or not process some nodes for openscad refresh. I used it to switch between a ready to print layout and an assembled preview of my drone frame.

Here is the drone frame Ready to print with debug mode on.

The drone frame is assembled and debug mode is on

The drone frame is assembled with debug mode off

Mar 14, 2017

V.1.0.8 released !

Found some free time to release a new version.
Please report any bug on the forum.
Very proud of this new spherical color picker..... (all rgb space sampling in one circle)

Feb 18, 2017

New color picker node.

Feature request done. Will be available in version 1.0.8. A fast color picker.
I use famous sphere color with 6 axix color mix and radial grayscale.

Feb 17, 2017

Added some new parameters in gear node for double helical :

Created a customizable module to print wing parts

Feb 13, 2017

V0.0.7 is here

only bug fixes :

  • $fn behaviour is now coherent. Can be overrided with globalsettings nodes, or automatically set if you leave it blank
  • Autoconnect is 'too much'. only first matching connection is set now
  • The 'BUG' of 'use<module>' is now fixed. callcall.scad is now  working for every version, from graphscad and from openscad.
Thx for users suggestions and help.

Feb 12, 2017

V1.0.6 is here

  • new node globalsettings. With this node you can set special vars of openscad $vpr,$vpt,$vpd etc
  • new node variable and variable2d : allow insertion of intermediate variable declaration in the graph
  • new node switchcase. avoid complex cascade of 'IF' when using multiple conditionnal expressions
  • keys F2 and F3 allow zoomin an zoomout of view. usefull for those who don't have any wheel on their mouse 
  • some bug fixes
  • new examples  

next version will include a new switchcase node

next version will include a new switchcase node. this will be more smart than using a cascade of 'IF'.

New variable node

Variable node will be availaible in next version

Feb 10, 2017

V1.0.5 !!!

  • Some bug fixes
    • fixed : positions where not saved when moving multiple selected nodes
    • fixed : node roundedcube was not working when rounding was zero
    • fixed : node box was not working when rounding was 0
  • display of connection links :
    • arrow is now displayed to see direction of data flow
    • best nurbs shape when connecting from left to right 
  • graph evaluation optimization 

Feb 8, 2017

v1.0.4 is here

Hard work to fix bugs.

There is an interesting example that show how to use function nodes to generate parametric list of points to draw 2D objects.
Take a look to nacaprofile.scad  and callnacaprofile.scad examples.
As some module can output some 2D objects, there is a new node called Callmodule2D in this version.
2D nodes are now visible in Openscad without using linear_extrude.

Feb 7, 2017

Examples where missing in v1.0.3. This is solved. Reload new ZIP files in download section

Feb 6, 2017

V1.0.3 is available.

A new example using functions and array of 2d vector : cone_plane.scad

Feb 1, 2017

There was a very bad bug in v1.0.1. the scene view will not be extended when adding nodes.
this is fixed in v1.0.2.
Next versions will focus only on bug corrections.

V1.0.2 :

- fixed multi refresh during loading. that was very slow. Loading are far most quicker now.
- now scene resizing and scrollbar update is very smart cause it keeps a margin around existing or moving nodes..

Jan 31, 2017

V1.0.1 is here with some improvements.

Chris L.T updated brilliantly the planetarygear example (animation and parametrization). He posted it on the forum :

Jan 27, 2017

Version 1.0.0 is available.

  • Windows version
  • Debian version
  • Smart auto connection when creating a new node 
  • function declaration to get complex expressions without many nodes  (see egg example)
  • Quick copy of an existing node

  • Clipboard : Operations of Copy/Cut/Paste with multiselection (keep CTRL key pressed  to select multiple nodes)
  • Change of input plug numeric values using key up and key down
  • Enhanced graphic layout of nodes with rounded rect
  • Many bug fixes 
I know there are still some  problems with undo/redo.

Jan 23, 2017

V0.0.8 available :

Whats's new :

- Now callmodule node will be refreshed and reflect true names of imported module parameters (take a look at callmodule.scad example)
- Callmodule node can call a module with some callmodule nodes inside ;-) (see callcall.scad example)
- Check file saved before closing windows or menu exit
- refresh openscad when deleting a connection
- more smart automatic hide of numbered parameters to get smaller node display

V0.0.7 available

- fix a big bug. scad files were saved without openscad code.

Jan 22, 2017

linux beta is availaible

Hi. This version was compiled and tested with Ubuntu 16.04.

Jan 18, 2017

Version 0.0.6 is available.

What's new :

  • new 'import2d' node to import  dxf files 
  • 'offset' node is updated (rounding 2D object)
  • new 'surface' node (extrusion from 2D bitmap)
  • new 'intersection_for' node 
  • additionnal save format : graphscad can now save files to gscad format and scad format. gscad format will only save nodes infos without openscad code. Nothing is changed in scad format that include both nodes info and openscad code.
  • some UI bug fixed
  • more examples 

Jan 15, 2017

New version 0.0.5 is available with major feature : MODULAR files callable with 'CALLMODULE' node.

  • By using node 'PARAM', each graphscad file is now 'MODULAR'. you can create a custom part with parameters, then call this part from another file with node 'CALLMODULE'. Look at examples.This feature will allow to create complex object with multiple scad files.
  • WARNING : Node 'PARAM' is changed. Added the field 'paramname'. Before, it was using the name of the node (it was not logical). You would have to edit files from previous version if you used 'PARAM' node and edit this new propertie. it's pretty fast to update.
  • Created a new node 'metricthread'  
  • Created new node 'IF' for conditionnal statement
  • Some UI improvement (mode compact node display)
  • More Examples (robot wheel, custombox, etc...)
  • Created new node 'GearRack'  that works with gear node

Jan 13, 2017

new version 0.0.4 is available :
- new nodes (IF, METRIC THREAD)
- UI improvement . More compact display of nodes
- More examples

Jan 12, 2017

Version 0.0.3 available. Some bug fixed + UI improvement + New node to make gear racks

Jan 11, 2017

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As, i'm updating Graphscad frequently (linux version is on the way), consider subscribing to this blog to receive news about graphscad.

Jan 10, 2017

there was a little bug in version 0.0.2 with rick clic to create nodes. Reload version, it should be fixed.
Version 0.0.2 is available and fix some issues of refresh when changing input plug text

Jan 1, 2017

GraphScad is a graphical nodal editor to create Openscad 3D objects.